What I like

Hey there. I am sharing with you a list of the things likes me the most.

  1. My family.
  2. The smell of wet soil when it´s starting to rain.
  3. Listen the life stories of my father and mother.
  4. The blue colour in the sky, after those rainy days.
  5. The horses.
  6. Buy new clothes.
  7. Sneakers.
  8. When my dog wakes up to say hello, with her tongue out of her mouth, just ready to lick me.
  9. Show a handsome man to my sister and say things like “I think I´m in love!
  10. The Mexican music: If you don’t feel anything when “Ando volando bajo” is playing, you are a rock for sure.
  11. Watch sad films and cry like a baby.
  12. The Korean dramas.
  13. Go to the movie theatre by myself when there are no people.
  14. Eat popcorn meanwhile I whatch a film.
  15. The bearded men.
  16. The fog
  17. The winter and fall
  18. The smell of kindling burned in little towns
  19. Other left-handed people
  20. The non-common people.
  21. The way my brother makes faces when he is getting upset
  22. The British accent
  23. My mom’s voice when we talk by phone.
  24. Sleep until late.
  25. The beach on winter.
  26. The winter clothes.
  27. Being alone
  28. The Mexico City.
  29. Walk with my father.
  30. Eat something that seems delicious just to find out it wasn’t.
  31. Chat with my mother until one of us felt sleep.
  32. Bothering my little sister.
  33. Loving to my cat even when she hate me so hard.
  34. Korean and Japanese food.
  35. The anime
  36. Talk with my grandmother even when she can’t hear me clearly.
  37. Take pictures.
  38. Buy new books.
  39. Sleep.
  40. Travel.

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